Important Information About Your Internet Service

At Adams Cable we do not block any lawful content, applications, services or your use of non-harmful devices or discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic, except as reasonably necessary to manage our network effectively for the benefit of our customers. The purpose of this disclosure is to make available information regarding our network management practices and the performance and commercial terms of our broadband internet access services to enable you to make informed choices regarding the purchase and use of our services, in accordance with Part 8 of the Rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

Service Options and Performance

The speeds and prices of our internet services are described at our internet page. Please note that these services are described as offering ‘up to’ certain speeds. While we engineer our network to achieve the speeds for each of the service tiers we offer. We cannot guarantee that customers will always experience those speeds. Speeds can vary depending on variables including the below:

Device: Performance of a customer’s computer, tablet, phone or other internet enabled device with regards to the device’s age, processing capability, operating system, number of applications running simultaneously and the presence of any adware or viruses.

Connection Type: The type of connection between a customers device and modem can effect performance. For example, wireless connections may be slower than direct connections into a router or modem. Wireless connections also may be subject to greater fluctuations, interference and congestion.

Network Path: The distance packets travel (round trip time of packets) between a customer’s device and its final destination on the internet, including the number and quality of the networks of various operators in the transmission path. A customer’s connection may traverse the networks of multiple providers before reaching its destination and the limitations of those networks will most likely affect the overall speed of that internet connection.

Congestion: If a large number of visitors are accessing a site or particular destination at the same time, your connection will be affected if the site or destination does not have sufficient capacity to service all visitors efficiently. Congestion can also occur when customers served by the same facilities simultaneously request high volumes of data, such as peak usage hours during the evening.

Gating: In order to control traffic or performance, many websites limit the speeds at which a visitor can download from their site. Those limitations will carry through to a customer’s connection.

Degradation: The performance of the cable modem and WiFi router you have installed can degrade in performance over time. Certain modems and routers are not capable of handling higher speeds.

Network Management

Adams Cable monitors and limits excessive customer connections to its outgoing mail servers. Excessive connections to an outgoing mail server generally indicate a compromised computer. Adams Cable also blocks outgoing TCP port 25 on all dynamic residential customer connections to reduce the spread of SPAM and malicious e-mail.

At this time, we do not employ congestion management such as reducing speeds available to heavy users; instead, we monitor utilization and attempt to deploy network upgrades with the goal of avoiding congestion. However, Adams Cable does reserve the right to monitor individual customer bandwidth usage and limit disruptive usage inconsistent with our Broadband Acceptable Usage Policy.

Adams Digital Phone traffic will be prioritized on interfaces it shares with other broadband traffic to ensure voice quality and phone functionality. Your use of our Digital Phone services does not materially affect your Internet performance. If we deliver other Internet Protocol based services or any specialized or managed services in the future that would likely affect your Internet services, we will provide additional information as appropriate.

Except as specifically described above, at this time we do not target specific types of traffic based on their technology or their provider, modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by the protocol standard, inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications, or block or manage any specific protocols or protocol ports.

Commercial Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Your service is subject to our terms of service, which are delivered upon installation and our AUP referenced above. At this time, there are no limits other than the speed of service regarding the quantity of data that you transmit or receive, no additional charges based on usage, and no penalties for early termination.

We do not provide any information about customer’s usage to any third party, or engage in deep packet inspection or any other inspection of content or usage data for non-network purposes, except to the extent required by applicable law. We do store, indefinitely, monthly customer bandwidth usage numbers in the form of number of gigabytes downloaded and uploaded per month, per customer.


You may use the modem provided by us, or obtain a compatible modem from a third party. Adams Cable cannot guarantee the compatibility or performance of a modem purchased from a third party with our services.

Adams Cable prohibits the operation of mail servers on its dynamic residential customer connections. Customers wishing to operate a mail server may do so using our static IP address service for an additional fee.

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What Customers Are Saying

Ken came out to swap out a faulty modem box, but also checked connections, checked switches and wifi “stuff” and thoroughly made sure all is working well. Extremely polite gent. But that is what Adams Cable peeps are. Kudos to Ken


Customer service has been above and beyond. The installer was kind and explained what I needed to know in an understandable way. Great Employee. He represents Adams Cable very well.


This afternoon something different popped up on my TV screen and I didn’t know how to remove it. I called Adams and spoke with Beth and she calmly walked me through each step. Anytime time I have called for help, they are all very helpful, kind and knowledgeable.


We want to thank you for your outstanding service. When in Florida we have had to deal with Spectrum. They could learn a lot from you! After a lightning strike, we were left without phone, TV, or internet connection. I called your office the next morning and the tech arrived within the hour. The tech was fast and efficient and had us up and running in record time.