New customers or customers looking to reconnect high speed internet, Wi-Fi or Cable Television service should consider the self-installation option first before requiring a technician to enter your home.  At this time work requiring a technician inside your home will need a scheduled appointment after April 19th.

With a self-installation we will do the following:

- Our technician will visit your location during your scheduled appointment window.
- Provide you with the equipment and easy to follow instructions needed to complete your self-installation of Internet and/or Television service.
- Our technician will work outside, checking the wiring, connections and signal levels to your home.
- If assistance is needed, our technician will "coach" you through the installation while onsite but outside your home.  If work is required inside your home, an appointment will be scheduled at least 14 days out.
- Service may not be available in all areas.
- Homes requiring inside wiring may not qualify at this time for self-installation and will require an in-home technician appointment that will be scheduled after April 19th.

As things continue to evolve, we will continue to evaluate our practices and adjust as needed.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.