Package Builder

Step 1
Start with Adams Cable Service's Basic and Expanded Basic packages:

Basic and Expanded are required to subscribe to Choice and High Definition package

There is a $12.00/mth fee charged by local broadcast channels for transmission. This fee will be a separate line item on your monthly cable bill

NY customers add $1.00 to Basic

Step 2
Choose your digital tuner:

HD DCX Receiver
HD DVR Receiver

Step 3
Choose the digital entertainment packages and services that suit your lifestyle:

Adams Choice, High Definition, HBO/Cinemax, Showtime/Movie Channel, Starz/Encore

Step 4
Choose your high speed internet and phone package:
Internet: 120, 100, 50, 25, 15 or 5Mb
Phone: Residential Phone or Business Phone

Step 5
Call Adams Cable Service at 1 (570) 282-6121 to order!

Package Cost
Basic $0
Expanded Basic $0
Choice $0
High Definition $0
HBO/Cinemax $0
Showtime Unlimited $0
Starz/Encore $0
All Premiums $0
NFL Redzone $0
HD DCX Receiver $0
HD DVR Receiver $0
5Mb Internet $0
15Mb Internet $0
25Mb Internet $0
50Mb Internet $0
100Mb Internet $0
120Mb Internet $0
Digital Phone Residential $0
Digital Phone Business $0

Total: $0
Price does not include taxes and other govt fees.
NY customers add $1.00 for basic.