The AMC Networks including AMC, WE TV, BBC World News, BBC America, IFC and Sundance have gone dark due to contract negotiations. We knew that the AMC contract was coming up for renewal and projected what the increase was going to be. Unfortunately, the amount AMC Networks was asking for was well over what we projected. Their price increases along with the fact that they have their own streaming product with exclusive programming brought us to the tough decision to pull the channels from our lineup. It is not fair to our customers that they want more money and want to give you less. AMC Networks should be providing quality original programming for our cable customers, not just their streaming customers.

The best possible way we found to still provide a good value in programming is to substitute the AMC Networks with other channels from a similar genre. We have added HD Net Movies, Newsmax, One America News, Wealth TV, Hallmark Drama and Fusion to our Expanded Basic lineup. And because of the feedback we have received, we have put Jewelry TV back in our basic package.

Adams Cable Service strives to give our customers the best entertainment at the lowest price. Unfortunately, AMC Networks does not share this philosophy with their latest contract. We understand some of our customers will be disappointed with this news and for that we sincerely apologize.

Channel # Old Network New Network
193 Jewelry TV Jewelry TV
214 BBC World News OAN
302 Sundance HD Net Movies
329 BBC America Newsmax
370 We TV Fusion
546 IFC N/A
346 N/A Hallmark Drama